A Typical Day in the Kindergarten

Children are always busy having fun in the Montessori Kindergarten. Take a look at some of their daily adventures and explore the Montessori environment.

What Are Our Daily Activities Like?


We help each other with daily tasks and learn to be part of the community.


We care for our environment with practical life activities such as washing dishes with soapy water.


We enjoy pouring water to indirectly prepare our hands for writing.


We respect our peers while they are teaching us something they have mastered.


We practice our reading skills independently through various Montessori materials.


We have fun through storytelling with our favorite animals.


We work as a team and learn to count in different ways.


By the end of our 3-year program, we use abstract materials to master math concepts.


We explore Science topics such as Botany and Zoology.


We learn about the world with History and Geography.