Infant and Toddler Community
Infant Community

Children 12 months – 3 years

In the Infant Community (IC), we have a caring atmosphere to nurture our youngest learners and further their growth and development. Even at this small age, independence is important. We encourage our infants to explore their environment at their own pace.

Toddler Community

Children 18 months – 3 years

In the Montessori Toddler Community (TC), small children from 18 months will find many playmates and a varied daily routine in a carefully prepared environment. They are in a period of rapid change, and are very active. They build their self-confidence through trusting relationships with the adults who care for them.

A caring place, where toddlers are able to meet their needs and explore their own little world – with teachers encouraging in their development.

Children at this age thrive with reliable and predictable routines, and the freedom to move and explore. The Montessori pedagogy focuses on movement, language and independence skills. With a team of German and English teachers, the children play and learn in both languages.

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What We Offer

In the Montessori Infant Community and Toddler Community, children will benefit from many things, including:

  • Developmental freedom in a well-prepared environment
  • Individual learning, based on the child’s natural development
  • Exposure to Montessori education and materials
  • Loving care and dedicated attention of the caregivers
  • Ability to participate as part of the group
  • Immersion in German and English

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Montessori 0 – 3

Learn about the Montessori environment for children 0 – 3 and a typical daily rhythm focusing on the child’s development and their needs.

A look at our IC and TC environment
A typical day in the IC and TC