The feedback from our parents is always valuable to us, and we constantly do our best to improve our services. Read what some of the parents have to say about our programs and the value of Montessori education.

Our girls spent their first 6 years of life at House of Kids, as did many of their friends. In this quasi-family environment and with love and support of teachers and supervisors, they have become cosmopolitan, curious, independent and considerate little people. That was the best start in life we could wish our children!
Carine and Matthias
Over 3 years, we really appreciate what House of Kids provided to us, not only to our two children. We are thankful for the commitment, excellence and affection in working with our son and daughter. House of Kids really became our extended family.
Claire and Renaud
The House of Kids offers children a caring environment and wonderful conditions for preparation and smooth transition into school and life. We have already seen this with our son, who after 3 years of Kindergarten, started his school life full of joy and enthusiasm. Our daughter, attending Kindergarten, learns new things every day and benefits from various great outdoor and after-school care activities (gymnastics, crafts, singing, games). We highly recommend House of Kids!
Patricia and Jochen
From Nido to Toddler Community and Kindergarten, our daughter was lucky to have amazing teachers that helped her become the person she is right now. In school, she is perfectly on track on both social and academic side of things: math, reading and writing are excellent for her age, and she gets along with pretty much everyone. She is also incredibly independent. And this is what we are taught as parents of House of Kids: our children are capable of doing so much more than we think – we just have to learn to let them!
Dicle and Philipp
Our daughter enjoyed her time from 1-5 years old at House of Kids. It's a healthy and clean environment with a lot of individual attention to make children confident, especially for foreigners who are unable to understand the local language. With a solid curriculum, the Kindergarten is a very good preparation to the entry in primary school. Even at 9 years old, my child still remembers the good moments spent there, especially in the forest on Friday.
Christine and Stéphane
My son enjoyed 6 years at House of Kids – from 5 months until graduation from Kindergarten. He was supported through all the different stages to become his own personality. He had the opportunity to learn everything – from how he looks after himself, how he supports his community, etc. As a parent, I also felt supported. I am thankful for the dedicated and empathetic teachers, the parent community and Maria Montessori.
Both our children had a fantastic time at House of Kids from Toddler Community to Kindergarten and holiday care. They loved their teachers and activities (counting, drawing, writing, baking, weekly forest day, etc.) and became more independent and confident. We were very pleased by the truly bilingual environment, their curriculum approach and the social skills taught. They still miss the teachers, the learning environment and the freshly prepared food.
We have really loved our experience at House of Kids. Our boys have thrived in the school under the Montessori teaching method. We are happy how much support the teachers have provided them, and also the collaboration with our family to help them grow independently. Our boys have great memories, and we would recommend it to anyone.
Anita and Henning
Our son was at House of Kids for 3 years, including Kindergarten. We appreciated the constant professional management. The teachers paid attention to each child individually, supported their strengths and weaknesses and considered their development in the long-run. The support was constant over the years, and bilingualism was highly encouraged. There was also a great flexibility that benefited the working parents in emergencies. The time there remains for us a great memory, and many developed friendships that still exist. We are happy to recommend the school.
Roswitha and Bob
Both of our children attended House of Kids – Nido, TC and Kindergarten. In all groups, we felt they were in very good hands. The staff was caring and also challenged them. With the Montessori approach, they were encouraged to learn basic tasks from an early age. In Kindergarten, this was expanded and allowed them to develop according to their abilities, both academically and socially. We were very impressed what they learned at that age. When we moved abroad, with the Montessori base and the bilingual approach, they were able to integrate well in the new environment.
Lisa and Andreas