Children 3 – 6 years

In the Montessori Kindergarten, we always begin by careful preparation of the learning environment. Our rooms are full of materials and activities that are specially designed to meet the children’s developmental needs. The Montessori trained teacher guides the child, linking them to materials, lessons, games and activities that fit their unique interests.

In a carefully prepared and loving environment, the children are able meet their needs and experience their own little world through the guidance of dedicated teachers.

Observation is an essential part of the Montessori method. The teacher uses observation to understand each child’s stage of development to give the right lesson at the right time.

A predictable schedule means the children know what to expect each day. Our bilingual staff work as a team to keep things well-organised.

Read more about a typical daily rhythm in a Montessori 3 – 6 environment.

What We Offer

In the Montessori Kindergarten, we focus on providing many things to the children, including:

  • Guiding them through personal relationships and developing social skills
  • Protecting each child’s work and teaching them to respect the work of others
  • Presenting to the child individual lessons, utilizing the Montessori materials
  • Immersion in German and English
  • Forest days once a week

Extended care can be arranged for Kindergarteners on a regular or flexible basis.

Vacation Care
During the school holidays and breaks, our vacation care can offer your children exciting days. It is booked in advance to suit your needs.

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Montessori 3 – 6

Learn about the Montessori environment for children 3 – 6 and a typical daily rhythm to support and advance the child’s development.

Take a look at our Kindergarten environment
A typical day in the Montessori Kindergarten